Friday, 27 April 2012

The Eleven Principles of Crime Opportunity Theory and Crime Science

  1. Ratortunity makes the thief and all other criminals because every single successfully completed crime caused itself to happen.
  2. Target hardening property turns bent offenders straight because once thwarted offenders simply give up offending for a bit, or else forever.
  3. Locks and bolts and alarms and other security features cause 'offender entanglement', which is otherwise known as 'spooky action' in physics and 'diffusion of benefits' in Crime Science and Crime Opportunity Theory. This has been identified in our own reports of our own research of our own projects that prove our own target hardening one area also target hardens other areas that are not target hardened. The mechanism for this effect is through quantum entanglement of  the brains of offenders so that when they are in more than one place they cannot tell which area has had extra protection and which has not.
  4. Routine Absence Theory is an essential wider explanation for ratortunity and it states that any changes in society or technology that in any way lead people to buy more stuff but not spend all their time with that stuff will increase the theft of that stuff by other people. 
  5. Offender motivation is not important because all people are dishonest and all are potential thieves, fraudsters, muggers, armed robbers, hate crime offenders, burglars, car thieves, dangerous and drunken drivers, drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, shop-lifters, brawlers, flashers, rapists, pedophiles and mass murderers etc.
  6. Irrationality is a myth created by psychologists. All offenders are rational and calculating to the extent that they - at least to some degree - weigh up the risks versus the rewards of their criminal actions. 
  7. Offenders commit crimes because they can.
  8. Enough is not enough, because enough is never enough. This proves that relative deprivation as a cause of crime is a fallacy.Therefore, to reduce crime it follows that we have to find out what offenders want (because they take what they want) and take it away from them either before or after they have taken it away from us. This will leave offenders to want but not take what is not theirs to have.
  9. Reducing crimes (ratortunity) reduces crime.
  10. Think Crime! Because Crime Science is not social science, not rocket science and not science. And Crime Opportunity Theory is not about opportunities and its not a theory either.
  11. Crime Opportunity Theorists and Crime Scientists are Always Right, because Crime Science is based on Crime Opportunity Theory, which incorporates the RAT notion of opportunity (ratortunity), which is an infinitely variable and irrefutable truism. Moreover, anything that is right, but that crime scientists and other crime opportunity theorists have never written, they always implied.  If however anything they have never written is wrong, then they never implied it.  

In the following video you will see two drunken offenders in Wales committing a criminal act by drunkenly using words and then swinging a punch towards two drag queens. The cause of them molesting the drag queens is that they have an opportunity to do so. In fact, Crime Opportunity Theory's ratortunity is the most important cause of crime. A RATORTUNITY occurred because: (1) the drag queens are a suitable target (b) the street is full of incapable or absent guardians of the drag queens - including the drag queens themselves as  incapable of defending themselves against the initial molestation, and (3) the offenders are capable of initially molesting the drag queens and motivated to do so. Ratortunity has NEVER been proven wrong!

The pair of molesting thugs were sentenced to a four month community order after being found guilty of affray and electronically tagged under a curfew order. The drag queens went on to enjoy their party with a 10 strong groups of similarly incapable guardian cage fighters who were all out on the town together for a good time in fancy dress.

So if ever you wondered why so many academics, governments, government departments and police services promote the perfectly rational and logical idea that ratortunity is a cause of crime now you know. Right? Because its so absolutely brilliant!

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